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Versailles - So Much to Explore

Sites to Explore: Whether exploring the palace or the city, Versailles in France is a beautiful destination. Many know the part the palace played in the history of the French Revolution. When visiting, you can imagine a time past with the grand landscape and lavish décor.

The Château de Versailles consists of the Palace, the gardens, the Park, and the Trianon estate. The extensive gardens and park can offer visitors a day full of botanical discovery. On certain days, The Musical Fountain show plays music in rhythm with the multiple water features within the park. The Palace contains 2,300 rooms. Some of the most renowned areas, such as The Hall of Mirrors, the King’s state apartments, The Royal Chapel, and Marie-Antoinette’s private chambers, are open to the public. There are also many dining options within the Palace and on the grounds.

The Palace and grounds are accessible for wheelchairs and those with some mobility limitations. Several elevators are in the Palace. Though the grounds are fairly level, the pathways are partially gravel. There is the option to hire a small electric vehicle to help get around the park and gardens.

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