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Have you ever heard of Culzean Castle? Maybe “Kull-ane” Castle?

While the castle’s name has its own special twist in pronunciation, the real twist lies with the mysterious ghosts who haunt the castle. Of course, no one can say whether the seven ghosts who haunt Culzean Castle are real… you’ll have to decide for yourself on your next visit.

Located of the Ayrshire cliffs of Scotland, Culzean Castle peers out on the Firth of Clyde, an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean. Between the water and the castle, there are multiple caves hidden in the cliffs. Before wandering the caves below, exploring the magnificent castle aboveground is a must.

The foundation of Culzean Castle, a large “L” shape, was built in the 1500s. Although the Clan Kennedy owned the property collectively, David Kennedy rebuilt the castle during his residency in 1777 as the 10th Earl of Cassillis. Kennedy commissioned Robert Adam to design additions to the castle. His additions, ultimately comprising the majority of the castle, were completed in 1792. Prior to the modifications, the castle stood as an under-stated defensive structure. Culzean Castle now radiates wealth, taste, and power, all of which the Earl sought to portray to the public.

Unlike the frill of Culzean Castle, ghosts haunting the castle remain out of the public eye. While ghost encounters do not happen often, consistent eye-witness reports throughout the years raise eyebrows. The castle was even featured on the British television show, Most Haunted!

In 1945, the Clan Kennedy family donated the castle to the National Trust for Scotland. Presented as a gift to General Eisenhower, the top floor was donated as an homage to Eisenhower’s role in WWII.

Exploring Culzean Castle merits a day-trip to South Ayrshire. On the castle tour, a guide takes you through 10 rooms, the kitchen, and the servant’s quarters. For an extended visit, guests can stay in the Eisenhower Apartment overnight.

Tickets are discounted for seniors, and much of the castle is accessible. Elevators are located throughout the castle, and accessible restrooms are provided as well. Manual wheelchairs and motorized scooters can be booked in advance, but if you’re travelling with The Relaxed Explorer, do not worry! We will book any necessary wheelchairs or scooters to meet your needs.

Culzean Castle: the definition of class, elegance, and panache. Book our Scottish Experience tour to visit the castle… or let the ghosts be your guide.

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