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We started The Relaxed Explorer because….

We discovered a need for accessible, reasonably priced European tour options. In helping a couple plan their dream 50th anniversary trip, our extensive research uncovered very limited opportunities for accessible European travel tours. We searched the internet and spoke with major travel agencies and tour companies. The few companies that did offer allowances were extremely expensive. Many other companies didn’t offer an accessible tour option, simply stating “sorry, we can’t help you”. We designed a tour for the couple and it was a huge success! It was so rewarding to help individuals fulfill their dreams and we decided to take our experiences and embark on this journey.


We love to travel and believe travel opportunities should be available to all. We want to share our passion with you, helping your vacation dreams become a reality.


Travel & Tour Specialist

Favorite Destinations:
Germany and the Amalfi Coast

I have always had a passion for travel and as a child dreamed of the places I would some day explore. Now, as an adult, I love to visit Europe to see all of the magnificent architecture, taste the delicious food and immerse myself in the culture.

Through my 20+ years of travel experience, I have journeyed around most of North America and many European countries and have been through countless airports, stayed in many more hotels and logged 10’s of thousands of miles in planes and rental cars.

As a result of medical difficulties, including arthritis, I was wheelchair bound as a child and currently experience physical limitations. I understand the need for a slower, relaxed pace vacation. I have learned, through my many years of experience, to manage physical boundaries yet appreciate all the world has to offer.

Though my mother is disabled, I have also arranged travel for and accompanied my parents on many occasions, nationally and internationally. While recognizing the logistics, I have always strived to make sure my mother had a fantastic trip. I will do my upmost to provide the same service for you and your loved ones.

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