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Christmas in July: Travel Tips

Thinking about a winter trip to Europe? Any seasoned traveler will tell you to start planning now! The sweet spot for booking winter flights and hotels hit at the end of August. With August approaching, now is the time to begin planning. Why risk the potential of inflated prices due to lack of preparedness? Even as Relaxed Explorers, we aren’t that relaxed!

While your wheels are churning on where to go this winter, the Relaxed Explorer team is here to lighten your load with a few significant winter packing tips. The tips may appear small, but they are mighty! Here are four tricks that can make winter travel in Europe vastly more enjoyable:

1. Google Maps

It is likely that there will be snow surrounding the streets in most European countries during the winter months. For those travelling with a walker, wheelchair, or need assistance, slippery cobblestone can pose a dangerous dilemma. Avoid disaster streets altogether! Prepare to know which streets to take, and which streets to dodge. Using Google Maps’ satellite view provides a detailed, close-up look at the streets you will be wandering down. If the streets appear difficult to navigate, search for a well-travelled, broad road nearby. Do not try to take the road less-travelled!

2. Think Snow

Even though you’ll avoid snow-filled backstreets, every traveler is bound to face a small pile of snow here and there. By the end of the day, cuffs of pants will suffer some sogginess. Packing a plastic bag protects dry clothes from the wet gloves, jeans, and jackets thrown back into the bag in the case they do not have the chance to air dry.

3. A Final Layer -

Layers, layers, layers! And, one more layer. There is one final layer that can aid in comfort and warmth: an oversized, long coat. Piling an oversized coat on top of all the layers keeps clothes dryer and can serve as a makeshift blanket when travelling between locations. Roll up the coat for a pillow! Pass the extra coat to a less-prepared and colder friend! Regardless, an extra, oversized coat will come in handy.

4. Chapstick & Lotion

This is an obvious winter necessity that slips through the cracks when travelling. Do not forget chapstick and a small bottle of lotion! There is nothing more distracting than cracked, dry skin, and there is no room to be distracted when standing before sloping mountains, a medieval tower, or a glistening frozen canal!

Now that the bags are all packed, where are you going this winter?!

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